Developer Monster Couch has released the first DLC, European Expansion, to the digital adaptation of board game Wingspan, for $9.99. It’s on sale now with a 10% launch discount.

That’s still a bit pricey for DLC, but the European Expansion adds a lot of content, including over 80 bird cards native to Europe, each with its own recorded bird call.

The dozens of unique new bird cards include new powers and abilities, such as occupying two slots with one bird, stealing food from opponents, or activating end-of-round powers.

The expansion also adds new bonus cards and round goals to add more variety and utilize the new features and abilities in the expansion.

This digital version includes new European-inspired backgrounds, and more relaxing music tracks by original Wingspan composer Pawel Gorniak.

Wingspan is the digital adaptation of the best-selling board game. Each turn players play bird cards into three different biomes, or activate one of those biomes to gain food, lay eggs, or draw cards. The digital version features single and multi-player, including cross-platform multiplayer and weekly challenges.

Wingspan is available on PC (Steam), Switch, Xbox One, and iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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