Learn Math by Playing Mahjong in Math Facts Mahjong

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Indie developer Crave Creative has released Math Facts Mahjong, an educational mobile game designed to teach math using, you guess it, the classic tile-laying game Mahjong. Math Facts Mahjong is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The goal in the game is to remove tiles by pairing true math equations, such as “1+ 10” and “11.” Removing tiles will free up more tiles and unlock more possible equations as players try to get rid of as many tiles as they can.

The game features addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations on the tiles. It includes 12 different layouts, 15 background pictures, and 15 tile designs. If you get stuck or make a mistake, there’s an easy undo button and hint feature to keep the action moving.

Math Facts Mahjong is designed to be fun for kids while teaching them basic and advanced math equations. The app is a one-time purchase of $1.99, and features an age rating of 4+ on iOS and 6-12 on Android. It’s rated E for Everyone.

Pokémon GO Celebrates Third Anniversary

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Believe it or not, the once cultural phenomenon and still decently popular Pokémon GO is turning three years old this summer. Niantic is celebrating the milestone with a series of special events and promotions.

From now until July 6 at 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern, you’ll be able to find a Pikachu wearing a party hat. The partying Pikachu has a chance of appearing whenever you take a Go Snapshot photo. The hat-wearing mouse can also be hatched from 7 km eggs.

For the rest of the summer a new Special Research quest line has been added. It’s designed to help lapsed players jump back into Pokémon GO, with a slew of helpful rewards. The Special Research is only available to trainers who are at least level 10.

During the third anniversary promotion, raid bosses will be easier to take down when joining with friends, and everyone can earn bonus Premiere Balls. The stardust cost of trading Pokémon has also been temporarily reduced to 25%.

Finally, the first generation Alolan Pokémon who have made their way into Pokémon GO – Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, Grimer, and Exeggutor, have an increased chance of spawning as shiny versions.

The promotion ends September 2 at 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern, except for the party hat Pikachu, which end July 6. Pokémon GO is free to download on iOS and Android mobile devices.


Battle Alongside Trainers in Pokémon Masters

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The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Masters last month as a mobile spin-off. This week we get further details on how the game plays. In Pokémon Masters you’re not really collecting Pokémon, but the trainers themselves.

Pokémon Masters takes place in a new location: the artificial island of Pasio. Famous trainers from different regions (and different Pokémon games) have come together to form special bonds with a single Pokémon as their signature ally. You’ll recognize the likes of Misty and Staryu, Red and Charizard, and Cynthia with Garchomp. These bonds are called sync pairs, and the player will be able to form their own bond with a Pokémon.

In Pasio you’ll form teams with these trainers and battle with other Pokémon Masters in 3v3 battles. Combat takes place in real time as both sides work to fill a move gauge. Trainers can also use their own moves and use healing items during battle.

Pokémon Masters is releasing later this summer on iOS and Android mobile devices.


Earn Rewards Every Day in Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer

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Today kicks off the 14 Days of Summer event for Fortnite Battle Royale. Each day will offer a chance at earning a reward by completing a daily challenge, as well as playing with a daily unlocked weapon and a new Limited Time Mode.

Each of day for the next two weeks will include:

  • A weapon unvaulted for that day only.
  • A daily challenge and free reward.
  • New outfits and more in the Item Shop.
  • A new Limited Time Mode (see below).

Fourteen new LTMs will cycle throughout the event. LTMs include Heavy Metal Squads (heavy weapons only), Splashdown Squads (water balloon fight), Wick’s Bounty Duos (eliminate players to earn coins), and Builder’s Paradise Squads (increase structure health and resource gather rate).

Full details of each Limited Time Mode can be found here, though Epic isn’t revealing their exact order.

The co-op Save the World mode of Fortnite won’t be left out either. In Save the World, players can complete a daily quest each day to earn free items in the store and collect Summer Tickets. If you can collect all 14 tickets you’ll unlock a new explosive weapon.

Creative Mode fans will also see a new featured island each day of the event as well.

The Fortnite 14 Days of Summer event lasts through July 7. Fortnite is available on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices.