Wingspan is one of the best board games in recent years, and after fluttering onto PC, Switch, and Xbox, the excellent digital adaptation is now finally available on iOS mobile devices ($9.99).

Wingspan is a card game about collecting unique bird cards, each with their own food requirements, nest shapes, egg capacity, preferred location, and point value. Each turn players can take one of four actions: playing a bird card, collecting food, laying eggs, or drawing bird cards.

As you play cards into each of the other three areas on your personal apiary, forest, wetland, and grassland, you unlock additional actions every time you trigger that location. The game is played over four rounds of several turns, with competitive goals rewarded at the end of each round.

In addition to featuring over a hundred unique bird cards, the digital version features animation, bird calls, and a voice over that recites the printed flavor text.

The game supports solo play versus AI (as well as the Automata solo mode) as well as local and online multiplayer for up to five players, including asynchronous multiplayer and matchmaking.

Wingspan was adapted by developer Monster Couch, and is also available on PC (Steam), Switch, and Xbox.

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