First Anthem Gameplay Video Features Story, Customization

EA and BioWare have released the first in a planned series of gameplay videos introducing different elements of upcoming cooperative action-RPG Anthem. The video introduces more of the setting and...Read More

dire wolf digital

Dire Wolf Digital Bringing Six Hit Board Games to Digital

Dire Wolf Digital announced an exciting lineup of board game digital adaptations from some of the hottest tabletop games of the last several years. The digital versions will include PC...Read More

nintendo selects

Mario Maker, Zelda, Star Fox Coming to Nintendo Selects

Three classic Nintendo 3DS games are joining the Nintendo Selects discount program: Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, and Star Fox 64 3D. All three...Read More


Roblox Hires Online Safety Expert as Director of Digital Civility

Fortnite is getting all the attention, but online free-to-play game Roblox is still one of the most popular gaming destinations for young people around the world, with an active user...Read More

rocket league

Cross-Platform Support Now Available for PS4 in Rocket League

In an update this week Psyonix has officially announced a highly requested feature for multiplayer sports-car game Rocket League: Cross-platform support for PlayStation players. The PlayStation Cross-Play Beta is live...Read More


Walk Your Virtual Dog with Furiends AR Mobile Game

Furiends is a mobile AR game designed to motivate players to get up and move around. Instead of hunting for Pokémon, however, you’re walking the dog. “Furiends offers the one-of-a-kind...Read More

new super mario bros

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Bounces Onto Switch

Nintendo’s premiere Mario 2D sidescroller on Wii U has been re-released with new content on the Switch. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is available now. And arriving on Nintendo...Read More

destiny 2

Bungie and Activision Getting a Divorce, Bungie Keeping Destiny

Bungie, best known for creating the Halo series and more recently the Destiny games, has announced they are splitting from parent company Activision after eight years. As part of the...Read More

pc building simulator

Learn to Build Your Own Computer in PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator has greatly benefited from alpha, beta, and Early Access releases on and Steam over the last two years. The UK-based indie dev team, The Irregular Corporation,...Read More

final fantasy

Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII Coming to Switch and Xbox in April

Square Enix has been a bit slower than other companies to jump on the Nintendo Switch wagon. But better late than never. Last fall Nintendo announced that several Final Fantasy...Read More