Five New Digital Board Game Adaptations You Need to Play in 2020

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Playing video games with friends online has never been easier. Yet it still doesn’t compare to gathering around a table to throw dice, move miniatures, and build empires of cards.

Though part of the rise of tabletop gaming is a desire for physical gaming, that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying digital versions of our favorite board games. And if anything has created a need for digital board games, it’s the global pandemic of 2020.

The last several years has seen successful adaptations of nearly every major board game on PC, mobile devices, and increasingly the Nintendo Switch. This year alone has seen the release of several high-profile digital board games, which we’ve highlighted below.

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Roblox launches Digital Civility Program to Promote Online Safety

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With the ongoing pandemic, more and more kids are using online gaming, and Roblox remains one of the most popular games for kids.

To promote positive and safe online gaming spaces, Roblox has launched a free educational program called Digital Civility. The program includes a new Roblox game, the Digital Safety Scavenger Hunt, to teach young gamers how to stay safe when playing online.

“We’ve been hearing from our educator community that it’s simply not enough to have occasional conversations about safety and digital civility and that they’d greatly benefit from a structured curriculum and project-based learning as the new school year begins and kids are spending more and more time learning and interacting with one another online,” said Laura Higgins, Director of Community Safety and Digital Civility, Roblox. “The curriculum launching today is designed to provide both educators and students with a self-paced, topic-specific narrative that will help build a generation of resilient digital citizens and ensure kids and teens have positive and safe online experiences.”

The Digital Civility program features six sessions where teachers and educators can develop safety and civility skills in young players. Students can create games and collaborate with each other. They’ll learn how to recognize and report bad behavior, understand the impact of their behavior online, and understand how to keep personal information private.

The program has been designed by the Roblox Education team and lead by Laura Higgins, an expert with over 20 years in online safety. The program also includes a Digital Safety Scavenger Hunt, a teacher-led, invite-only game that incorporate learned lessons in an interactive environment.

Roblox is free-to-play and available on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices (iOS, Android).