MMORPG RuneScape Now Available on Steam

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One of the biggest active MMORPGs, RuneScape, has arrived on Steam this week. The Steam version includes achievements, badges, emoticons, trading cards, and exclusive in-game content.

Three optional membership tiers include exclusive content for Steam users, including a Forge Goblin Warhammer and Forge Goblin Pet.

RuneScape Starter Pack ($14.99)

  • 1 Month Membership
  • 15 Treasure Hunter Keys
  • Cosmetic: Forge Goblin Warhammer

RuneScape Standard Pack ($39.99)

  • 3 Month Membership
  • 50 Treasure Hunter Keys
  • Cosmetic: Forge Goblin Outfit
  • RuneScape Soundtrack: The Orchestral Collection

RuneScape Max Pack ($129.99)

  • 12 Month Membership
  • x2 Cosmetic Tokens
  • 50 extra Bank Spaces
  • Extra Daily Treasure Hunter Key
  • 75 Treasure Hunter Keys
  • Cosmetic: Forge Goblin Frog Pet & Forge Goblin Outfit & Forge Goblin Warhammer
  • RuneScape Soundtrack: The Orchestral Collection

Current players can link their existing RuneScape account to Steam, to continue playing their characters. Cross-platform progression is supported across Steam, the original PC client, and mobile editions, currently in Early Access/Beta on Android and iOS.

“I’m so excited that RuneScape is now available on Steam, bringing one of the world’s largest MMORPGs, to one of the world’s ultimate gaming destinations,” said Ryan Ward, RuneScape Executive Producer. “It has been an absolute pleasure to work in partnership with Steam and to create fun, unique content for Steam’s worldwide community. This is just the beginning of bringing RuneScape to a wider audience”.

In nearly 20 years since its original release, RuneScape has welcomed over 285 million player accounts, including its highest membership ever this year.

RuneScape is free to play with optional membership subscription, which includes more characters, skill, stories, and quests.

Trials of Mana Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Update and Sales

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Square Enix announced a big update to the recently released remake Trials of Mana, available on Steam PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The 1.1 update drops at the same time as the RPG’s 25th anniversary.

The update adds a new difficulty level called No Future, an extra challenging experience for veterans that includes stronger enemies, restrictions on item usage, and time limits on boss fights. On the flip side, players can earn better equipment and perform new chain abilities.

If you complete the No Future difficulty mode, you can earn the Rabite Slippers footwear. The slippers are so fearsome, they prevent all random monster encounters.

For those starting a new game with New Game Plus, players now have the option of selecting the Expert difficulty setting, and the option to revert characters back to level 1.

Additional changes include easier costume changes, new goddess statues, bug fixes, and more.

To further celebrate the anniversary, Trials of Mana and other Mana series games are currently on sale through November 2.

Trials of Mana is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Switch at a 30% discount. Secret of Mana is 50% off on Steam and PS4, while the Collection of Mana is 50% off on Switch.

And if you really want to show off your Mana series love, Square Enix has released several downloadable Zoom backgrounds featuring artwork and character illustrations.

Trials of Mana is rated T for Teen.

Five New Digital Board Game Adaptations You Need to Play in 2020

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Playing video games with friends online has never been easier. Yet it still doesn’t compare to gathering around a table to throw dice, move miniatures, and build empires of cards.

Though part of the rise of tabletop gaming is a desire for physical gaming, that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying digital versions of our favorite board games. And if anything has created a need for digital board games, it’s the global pandemic of 2020.

The last several years has seen successful adaptations of nearly every major board game on PC, mobile devices, and increasingly the Nintendo Switch. This year alone has seen the release of several high-profile digital board games, which we’ve highlighted below.

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