This weekend is the perfect time to jump into free-to-play MOBA, Pokémon Unite. Until Sunday, May 8, veterans and newcomers can earn more energy and bonus coins during the Pokémon Unite weekend.

Players earn an extra 100 coins per battle, up to an extra 1000 Aeos Coins per day. Players also earn double the normal amount of Aoes energy. With a Boost Tank, the bonus is increased to three times, and with a 4x speed Boost Tank, you can earn six times the normal amount.

It’s also the perfect time to try new Pokémon before you spend all these extra coins. During the Unite weekend, every single Pokémon license has been fully unlocked for Standard and Quick battles.

Several Holowear (skins) are also on sale during the weekend, 50% off the Aeos gems purchase price. Discounted Holowear includes Captain Charizard, Suit Style Venusaur, and Cook Mr. Mime.

The Pokébuki event is currently ongoing for the next several weeks. Players can earn flowers and exchange them for goodies. Every day you can visit the garden and water the tree to earn more rewards, basically an additional log-in bonus. Open daily gifts and complete daily missions to earn flowers and tickets.

Pokémon Unite weekend ends Sunday, May 8 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. Pokémon Unite is available on Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices.

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