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Welcome to Gaming With The Moms, the podcast about gaming with families! Host and Managing Editor of Pixelkin Nicole Tanner takes us through all the big news from E3 this week. She is joined by Pixelkin staff Simone de Rochefort and Courtney Holmes, and freelance writer (and dad) Michael Martin. Check out his latest story for Pixelkin, about a young boy growing up as a competitive Street Fighter player.

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Onto the fun stuff!

News & Idle Gossip

Final Fantasy VII remake e3 2015

Dreams Media Molecule bear

In Dreams, you can add assets from other players’ dreams to your own.

Minecraft HoloLens E3

Saxs Persson interacts with a Minecraft hologram.

What We’re Playing

Michael has been playing lots of Street Fighter of course. He’s written for us before about gaming with his son—who of course, kicks his butt now.

Courtney is playing lots of Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon. She’s also playing Beat Sneak Bandit from Simogo. They’re one of our favorite developers. Check out their latest game, The Sailor’s Dream.

Simone hasn’t been playing anything! She’s a failure! Nah, she went on a great road trip with her mom and saw the Cascade Mountains!

Nicole has been playing…wait for it…Hearthstone. There’s a new mode out called Tavern Brawl that she’s exploring. But she’s also playing the iPad game The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games. It’s a fairy-tale game, but not for kids. Still, it’s awesome and we really enjoy it.

Nicole’s daughter Ana has been playing Metamorphabet. You can try a demo of the game online right here! Metamorphabet won an Apple Design Award this year, and it’s totally worth it. Ana’s Apps is the series where Nicole shows us the games that Ana loves, and you can watch that right here.

Thanks to Michael Martin for being our guest this week!

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Simone de Rochefort is a game journalist, writer, podcast host, and video producer who does a prolific amount of Stuff. You can find her on Twitter @doomquasar, and hear her weekly on tech podcast Rocket, as well as Pixelkin's Gaming With the Moms podcast. With Pixelkin she produces video content and devotes herself to Skylanders with terrifying abandon.