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Gaming with the Moms Episode 77: Even Kojima Can’t Live Up to That Hype

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The PlayStation Experience is this weekend and Hideo Kojima will be talking about his upcoming game, Death Stranding. Is it a good idea for him to be talking about this game so early? Besides that, attendees of the show will be able to play 100 games. We’ll tell you what they are. No Man’s Sky, the most hated game of the year, got a big update that actually adds in a lot of what we all wanted in the first place. Plus an investigation into false advertising for the game has been closed. The developers didn’t do anything wrong. Now you can play games within Facebook Messenger, and there’s speculation that a new Marvel vs. Capcom game may be on the way. Oh, and Stephen’s been playing Final Fantasay XV. We’ll give you scoop.

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Gaming with the Moms Episode 73: Two Years Late and Destined to Be a Failure

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Red Dead Redemption 2 has been confirmed and we talk about the technicalities of whether or not it’s the second game or third game in the series. The new Plants vs. Zombies card game is out. Will it be able to steal some audience from Hearthstone? And speaking of Hearthstone, Blizzard has announced a new Heroic Tavern Brawl. We’ll give you the details. Voice actors are getting ready to strike because they can’t reach an acceptable deal with game publisher. Plus the head of World of Warcraft is working on another project. What could it be? There’s something about Smite that’s hilarious, and finally there’s going to be a tv show based on Candy Crush. We’ll tell you what’s up with that?
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Gaming With the Moms #26: Alphabear Intervention

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Nicole, Linda, and Simone are joined by Braxton Burks, a video game music composer. (Yes, he’s that Braxton Burks, the one behind some very popular symphonic music based on tunes from Pokémon Red and Blue games.)  Plus we have gaming news, what we played, and a listener question. Listen up! (And send in those questions, listeners! We love you, and we love your questions!) Read More

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[Podcast] Gaming With the Moms #13: Who Let You Come Back?

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We are SO glad to have Nicole back from her grand tour of Ohio and Chicago! She went to her 20th high school reunion in Ohio (NOT her 75th as Courtney said last week). Nicole’s adorable 3-year-old daughter Ana heard Simone’s laugh on last week’s podcast and spontaneously mocked her. “Yes, Simone, you are being made fun of by a 3-year-old.” Read More