The makers of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway are back with an all-new game!

Simply called Dreams, this game iterates on the ideas that Media Molecule has been working on for years: putting creative power in the hands of the player. At Sony’s E3 press conference, Media Molecule’s Alex Evans said that they wanted to evoke the feeling of lucid dreaming.

“We needed a new creative palette,” Evans said. “And of course we’ll be giving that palette to you, the gamers.”

In Dreams, you can draw and animate things with your DualShock 4 controller. The demonstration showed someone sketching the figure of a man sitting on a bench. You can also drop in assets that other people have created for their dreams. “In 2015, everything is a remix,” said Evans. All the dream worlds that players create will be seamlessly connected for you to explore.

If this sounds hard to imagine, don’t worry. It is. I doubt we’ll really know what this game is capable of until we have it in our hands. Evans touched on this in the press conference: “I hope it fills your head with questions, and that’s natural.”

Dreams Media Molecule bear

In Dreams, you can add assets from other players’ dreams to your own.

In LittleBigPlanet, players can use game assets to build their own levels, and in Tearaway they can decorate the world using their own paper art. This is a step beyond that, and potentially an amazing one. 3D modeling is a difficult skill to master, and Dreams looks like it could be a good starting point for people interested in learning more about it—but without the barrier of expensive and hard-to-master tools.

Evans said that Dreams focuses on “sketching, immediacy, and making it feel like a game.”

If these promises carry out, Dreams will bring together an incredible community for creative gamers.

Watch the presentation and full trailer in the video above.

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