In Nintendo’s E3 digital press conference this morning, Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Super Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and more) showed off a glimpse of his upcoming spaceship fighting game Star Fox Zero for Wii U.

The last Star Fox game to come out was a 3DS remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, Star Fox 64. The last original Star Fox game we’ve had came out in 2006. So, it’s been a while since fans have had new content with this series.

The Star Fox games star Fox McCloud and his small team of space fighter pilots. They’re moral mercenaries, traveling wherever evil is being done to save the good guys and fight with the bad. In most Star Fox games, the evil Andross is threatening to destroy the Lylat System.

Star Fox Zero looks like it has been heavily influenced by Star Fox 64, but according to Miyamoto it is not a remake. With the more advanced hardware of the Wii U, players will be able to use dual joysticks, transform their arwings (spaceships) mid-level, and aim precisely by tilting the GamePad.

Star Fox games traditionally involve a good blend of puzzling, maneuvering, and fighting. Star Fox 64 was interesting because it took only a couple of hours to complete, and it could not be saved. However, there were numerous paths that you could take to beat the final boss, and so it was fun to play over and over again.

Star Fox Zero will be released this holiday season.

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