Originator has become one of the most popular developer of apps for preschoolers. If you’re not familiar with the Originator name, odds are you’re familiar with their products. They produce the “Endless” series of apps. Their first app  was Endless Alphabet. From there a number of games have been released all featuring the team of sweet little monsters preschoolers have come to love. Their latest app, Endless Spanish, suggests there could be other Endless language apps in the future.

Endless Spanish Gameplay

Endless Spanish is basically Endless Reader, just in Spanish instead of English. The game has two modes: Spanish Immersion (everything is in Spanish) or Spanish with English translation. You can set which option you want in the parent section that can be found in the upper left-hand corner of the app. You can pick a word from a series of images that appear in a monster’s mouth. Once you select the word, the narrator will pronounce the word. Then a flurry of cute monsters runs by and scatters the letters all over the place. The gameplay involves dragging the letters to the correctendless spanish app place in the word.  When dragging the letters, they vocalize their individual sounds, helping kids learn the phonics in addition to sight recognition. Once all of the letters are in the right place, a chorus of kids will pronounce the word while it animates in a way that reflects the meaning of the word.

After that, a flying monster will grab the word and back up into a page with a full sentence. Once again the gang of monsters runs by, but this time they’re scattering words instead of letters. Just as with the letters, the gameplay involves dragging the word to its correct place within the sentence. When dragging a word, it pronounces itself, so kids can hear what each word sounds like in addition to seeing how it works. Once all of the words are in the right place, the narrator reads the sentence in Spanish. If you have the translation option turned on, the narrator will read the English version of the sentence after the Spanish one.

After the sentence is read, a little movie featuring the monsters will play. These reflect what was described in the sentence. These movies are colorful and humorous, making them a big hit with kids.

Endless Spanish Cost

Endless Spanish can be downloaded for free. The free version includes six words. If you want the entire set of words, you’ll need to pay $4.99. If the game continues to follow the format of Endless Reader, additional word packs are likely to be offered for the same price.

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