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New Study Examines Language & Literacy Apps

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The Joan Ganz Cooney Center and The New America Foundation have just released a new study called “Getting a Read on the App Stores: A Market Scan and Analysis of Literacy Apps.” The study examines 183 popular language and literacy apps for kids from three popular markets: Amazon, the Google Play Store, and the iTunes App Store. They specifically focused on apps that had made it into “Top 50” lists (both paid and free) on these platforms, or apps that had recently won critical acclaim from expert websites. (The study began in 2014, but the report was only just released.) Read More

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DNA Play Gives Kids the Building Blocks for Learning

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DNA Play is the latest app by Avokiddo, a developer who also designed a physics teaching game called ThinkRolls. DNA Play works by having children put together simple block puzzles to create the various aspects of a creature. Once you’ve got the basic creature in place, you can move around the “DNA strands” to change things like color, size, and even placement of limbs. After you’ve finished your creature you can interact with him by doing things like feeding him or going for a skateboard ride. Read More