The many, many Sago Mini apps take a good chunk of space on my iPad. My daughter loves them. Let me emphasize this. My daughter LOVES them. The cute characters and fun gameplay have her coming back to them again and again. There’s never a time when I let her have some iPad time that I don’t hear the friendly “Sago Mini” at some point, and she has lots of apps to choose from. Superhero is the latest in the long line, and I have to say it’s become one of my favorites.

Sago Mini Superhero

Like some other Sago Mini games, Superhero is an exploration app. This means you guide the main character through the environment and look for things to interact with. In Superhero, you play as Jack the Rabbit, who dons a traditional superhero costume with a cape. While there are plenty of simply silly interactions, most of them involve helping out other characters in some way. For example, there’s a fire in one building, while a giant monster attacks another. A truck has gotten stuck in a pot hole and a bunch of cats are stuck in a tree. Jack can help all of these characters in need. My favorite is when he rescues the cats from the tree, only to have them climb right back up again. The look on Jack’s face is amazing.

Another funny instance is when Jack has to calm the monster from attacking a building. His solution is to give the monster an ice cream cone, because we all know that monsters love ice cream. Finally it’s hilarious that Jack has his own underground lair where he can sit and play video games while waiting for the next disaster.

Sago Mini Superhero is great. It’s actually one of the best Sago Mini apps to date. I really recommend getting this one, not only for the cute and fun gameplay, but also for the subtle messages it sends that helping other people out is a good thing to do.


Sago Mini Superhero is available on the app store for $2.99. There are no in-app purchases, though ads for other Sago Sago products do appear on the home screen from time to time.

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