Continuing their long streak of great apps for preschoolers, Sago Sago has released Sago Mini Robot Party. The game is based on the same foundations of other games in the Sago Mini line. There are no instructions or guidance. Instead kids interact with the characters or objects (in this case robots) by experimenting and figuring things out for themselves.

“We designed this app to introduce kids to the wonderful and wacky world of robots,” said John Park, developer, Sago Mini in an official release. “The kind of robot you might build at home with cardboard, paint and glue. Endearing, silly robots that come to life through imagination. Our goal is to encourage playful experimentation, creative thinking, and discovery, all while having tons of fun!”

Sago Mini Robot Party has a factory-like setting. Kids first build a robot by selecting various bodies, heads, arms, and legs. Then they can move the robot down a conveyor belt through various places in the factory, where the robot will do different things. Buttons and other items appear on screen. Kids learn what they do by experimentation. My daughter particularly liked the area where the robot could decorate and eat cupcakes. That’s not surprising, because really, what kid doesn’t love cupcakes? Sago Mini Robot Party has more than 50 billion robot combinations, so kids will always be able to make something different every time they play.

All of the Sago Mini games have been huge hits with my preschool-age daughter, and Robot Party is no exception. Sago Mini Robot Party is available on the app store for $2.99. In a world filled with free games, you might not want to pay for an app, but trust me, these apps are worth it. Besides the high quality of the artwork, music and entire game, these apps don’t ever have in-app purchases or third party advertising. The do occasionally have adds for other Sago Mini products.

Bottom line: If you’ve got a preschooler, it’s well worth the time and small investment to check out Sago Mini Robot Party.


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