If you’ve got a preschooler who plays games on tablets or phones, then you probably know about Sago Mini. They, along with sister developer Toca Boca, make some of the best apps for kids on the market. Sago Mini has a distinctive cast of animal characters who appear in all of their apps. These animals appeared in plush form last year, but now there’s a new play set featuring figurines and a fold-out house. Called Jinja’s House, the new play set will be coming to retailers in June.

Jinja’s House is similar to other play sets you can buy for various kids’ properties, like Sesame Street. One thing that’s different about Jinja’s house is the amount of accessories that are included right out of the box. Besides the house and two figurines (Jinja the cat and Rosie the hamster), the set includes 10 accessories like a slide, table and chairs, and some little touches like a pizza and post cards. All of the furniture comes in little models of real-life moving boxes, so kids can play out the act of moving into a new home and unpacking everything. If only it were that easy in real life.

“Every experience should be playful,” said designer Stephanie Lemoine in an official release. “That’s why we packed Jinja’s furniture into tiny moving boxes so you could help her move into her house when you first open the toy. We even included some pizza for those that lend a hand!”

Jinja House will be available on Amazon and the Indigo online store for $29.99 on June 2.

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