Toca Boca’s latest app for preschoolers, Toca Life: School, will be released on October 29. Toca Life: School is the third in the Toca Life series. Other games in the series are Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City.

The games are basically a virtual version of physical play sets, like those released by Hasbro and other big toy companies. In the apps, kids have a wide variety of characters to choose from, which they can put in different locations. The characters don’t actually interact with each other, but just like physical toys, kids can make the characters interact with each other using their imagination.

In Toca Life: Town, players can visit locations like the park and the police station. In Toca Life: City, players can visit the theatre and a department store. Toca Life: School will feature five different locations: a house, cafeteria, various locations within the school including classrooms and hallways, youth clubs, and a playground. Like in Toca Life: City, players can upload up to two minutes of gameplay footage from their devices to Toca Life Weekly, which is a playlist on Toca Boca’s YouTube channel.

My daughter and I love the Toca Life Apps. There is so much freedom and so many opportunities to tell stories within them. There are also little surprises that can be found if you’re paying close attention and interacting with different things in the environment. I actually like the apps so much I might make a movie with them if I have the time. I featured Toca Life: Town in my ongoing series about great apps for preschoolers, Ana’s Apps. I’m very much looking forward to see what Toca Life: School has to offer.

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