The preschool app developers at Sago Sago are getting to ready to launch a new app. Sago Mini Superhero is scheduled to hit the app store on Nov. 26. Sago Mini Superhero stars the signature Sago character Jack the Rabbit as he flies through the city doing good deeds.

“Teaching small children to believe in their ability to make a difference and help one another can start with play. Sago Mini Superhero encourages exploration and helpfulness, and has a good dose of silly to keep kids engaged. The app empowers kids to practice heroism and conflict resolution,” Sago Sago said in an official release.

The Sago Mini games have become a staple in my life because my daughter loves them. But some of the “surprises” found in some of the games (like swinging the babies around by their diapers) make me smile as well. The apps always feature cute characters and have exploration or creativity elements. A few of them have found their way into my Ana’s Apps column and I expect Sago Mini Superhero to end up there as well.

sago mini plushBesides the new game, Sago Sago is also releasing a plush pack of their signature characters just in case your kids want to play with the characters in a physical space. Individual plush characters have been available since last year, but the new pack has all four characters and a box that folds into a house.

“We have a strong audience of fans and after a successful pilot test of plush toys last year it’s clear there is great demand for more products beyond our apps,” said Sago Sago CEO, Jason Krogh in an official statement. “Our designers are doing amazing work taking the design philosophy behind our apps and applying it to the world of physical toys. The new Sago Mini Plush Gift Pack is just the first of many new products we are developing.”

I’m honestly intrigued by that last sentence. The plush pack is available now.

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