Kids app developer Toca Boca is getting ready to add a new app to they’re already extensive list of games. Toca Dance, like other Toca Boca apps, will give kids the chance to experiment with music and dance that’s likely to end in some humorous choreography.

“Dance and movement is something, like music, that everyone can relate to. That compulsive impulse that makes us bob our heads, throw our hands up, shake our hips and move our feet to a beat. It doesn’t matter how good you are, that need to move is something born in us all. It’s something kids understand and I hope they will love Toca Dance,” said Executive Producer and Toca Boca Co-Founder Emil Ovemar in an official release.

In Toca Dance, kids take the role of the dance instructor who’s getting ready to prepare for a show. First kids will pick their dance troupe from eight available characters and give them their costumes. Then they’ll pick a song and teach the dancers to move anyway they want them to. When it’s time for the show, kids can add elements to the stage to spice things up, such as lights and a backdrop. The app features five songs in a variety of musical styles that were especially created for this game. These songs will also be available on Spotify so kids can listen to them even when they’re not playing the game.

“We want to give kids the chance to experience music in genres that typically aren’t created for them. And we saw through the kid-testing of the app that this did indeed strike a chord with them. A different soundtrack can be a starting point for parents to connect with the kids, through the app, so we filled Toca Dance with references that will unite parents and kids” continued Ovemar.

Toca Dance is scheduled to be released on March 3 and will cost $2.99.


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