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"We've always had each other's backs"—12 Stories That Will Make You Miss Your Brother or Sister

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When I was six, Santa Claus gave my family a Nintendo 64. I still remember unwrapping it on Christmas morning, tugging the plain white tissue paper off the box. I was already bouncing with excitement (because Christmas), but the moment I laid eyes on that familiar logo, I knew that I was experiencing a moment of great importance. It was the beginning of something big for the Holmes family.
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Journey Helps Players Find Strength in Weakness

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Editor’s Note: Journey is one of our favorite games—it’s mechanically simple but emotionally complex, and suitable for all ages. In this guest article, first posted at UW Bothell’s digital media blog The Next, author Emmett Scout examines some of the reasons why Journey is such a special experience.

Journey is an unusual game. A deeply emotional, spiritual, and nonviolent indie creation, it broke sales records on the PlayStation Network when it was released in 2012, won numerous awards, and received a Grammy nomination for its soundtrack. The game follows a nameless, cloaked figure in its pilgrimage to a distant mountain across the desert. The setting is almost post-apocalyptic; the player-character travels through the ruins of civilization, learning the history of the land and the civil war that destroyed it along the way. Read More

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What To Get Your Gamer For Christmas (Hint: It's Not Just About Games)

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I am a gamer. And by the way, I’m 59 years old and I’m a mom. (My kids are in their twenties now, but yeah, I’ll always be a mom. And a gamer.) I’ve talked before about my experiences gaming with my kids, but I haven’t shared our personal gaming gift history. So here’s the scoop. Gaming has been important to my kids, and over the years I’ve given them gaming equipment, games, and lots of gaming-related swag. Read More