GungHo Online Entertainment (Puzzles & Dragons) announced Disney Pixel RPG, a free-to-play RPG designed for mobile phones, and leveraging the all-powerful Disney lineup. It’s soft-launching in Japan on September 9, and for the rest of us later this year.

Disney Pixel RPG brings Disney characters together after “strange programs” have invaded their worlds. Playing as a customizable avatar, players unlock and recruit characters to battle against this invasion and restore their worlds.

Confirmed characters include Maleficent, Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy, Ariel, Baymax, Genie, Winnie the Pooh, Aurora, and Stitch. Each character is from a different Disney game world, such as board games and various video game genres, opening up lots of variants and skins.

Battles include auto-play, or direct control with simple commands. Characters can embark on expeditions while away to gather resources.

We can presume this is a gacha game (or at least gacha-adjacent) where players gradually earn currency for “pulls,” and try to earn the heroes they want (such as Genshin Impact). Or it could be more grind-based (such as Disney Speedstorm), with players slowly earning materials and shards to acquire and boost their heroes.

The pixel art looks fabulous, and you don’t have to sell me too much on featuring the Disney IP in a video game.

Disney Pixel RPG is rated E for Everyone. It’s available for pre-register on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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