MiHoYo (more formerly known as HoYoverse), developers of popular free-to-play RPGs Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, have launched their newest mobile-friendly game, Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero is now free-to-download on PC, PlayStation, and mobile devices. Watch the awesome new animated trailer above.

ZZZ is an action-RPG set in a near-future world, where an apocalyptic invasion left only a single city left, New Eridu. Gameplay is balanced around exploring and socializing in New Eridu, with venturing out into the Hollows to battle enemies in real-time combat.

As with other HoYoverse games, ZZZ is all about unlocking and equipping characters. HoYoverse games are also known for their signature high production values, anime art style, and orchestral music.

Zenless Zone Zero features several rewards at launch. Players can complete introductory events to earn up to 100 pulls, and 80 Boopons. The free pulls reference the character and weapons banners, while Boopons are for a chance to get Bangboos, which are collectible pets that enhance your characters.

ZZZ guarantees an S-Rank Agent within the first 50 searches, which should help players get started.

By entering code “ZZZFREE100” from last week’s showcase, players can earn quickly grab tens of thousands of dennies, and other goodies (expires July 11).

There are also several social media contests where players can earn more rewards. Watch at least 15 minutes of ZZZ on Twitch to earn Twitch Drop (up to 120 minutes), stream via Discord beginning on July 8, and participate in social challenges on TikTok and Twitter for a chance to earn more prizes.

Zenless Zone Zero is rated T for Teen.

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