Genshin Impact update 4.7, “An Everlasting Dream Intertwined,” adds three new characters, more Challenge Domains, and a new tower defense mini-game, when it drops on June 5.

But perhaps the most exciting news is the one-minute trailer for upcoming nation, Natlan, which is coming later this year (see below).

The three new characters are Clorinde, Sigewinne, and Sethos.

Clordine and Sigewinne hail from the region of Fontaine, and use the Bond of Life mechanic introduced with Arlecchino.

Clorinde is a five-star Electro sword-wielder. She can use her pistols to accumulate the Bond, then clear it with her sword attacks.

Sigewinne is a five-star Hydro nurse who pairs well with other Bond-users, healing and buffing them, while using her bubbles to trap enemies.

The third character, Sethos, is from the desert region of Sumeru. The Electro bow-user can fire a volley of piercing bolts.

Clorine and Sethos will be included in the new Wish alongside Alhaitham, while Sigewinne will arrive later. Clorinde and Sigewinne will also feature their own Story Quests.

New regions are the biggest updates to the almost four-year old action-RPG. Each region is themed around a different element, and Natlan is the Pyro nation.

While the teaser reveals rivers of lava, Natlan also features towering plateaus, deep valleys, and soaring skies. It also appears much more wild and primeval than other nations.

Natlan would be the sixth of seven planned elemental-themed nations in Teyvat. When Genshin Impact first launched in 2020, only two nations were available to explore. Developer miHoYo averages one new region each year, usually around the end of summer, beginning of fall.

Genshin Impact 4.7 will update on June 5. The RPG is free-to-download on PC, PlayStation, and mobile devices. It’s rated T for Teen.

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