Temple Gates Games (Roll for the Galaxy) and Rio Grande Games have released the official digital app for Dominion, the original deckbuilding card game, for Steam PC as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

The base game is free-to-play, and includes 26 Kingdom cards, three Victory sets, and three Treasure sets.

The base game is totally fine, and helped literally create a hugely popular game mechanic that’s still used today in dozens of tabletop and digital card games.

For many board gamers, Dominion is one of the important games that got us into the hobby.

Much of Dominion’s popularity stemmed from its expansions. Since its release in 2008, Dominion received over a dozen expansions, each adding new Kingdom cards, with new synergies, combos, and themes.

The app features all 15 expansions (plus three promo packs) as in-game DLC purchases, which comes out to over 500 cards! Expansions range from $4.99 to $10.99, which would add up pretty dang quick.

According to Steam, all the DLC would net you over $180, though you can take advantage of the Launch Bundle to get it all for a mere $122.25 (15% discount).

That’s a lot of Dominion!

The app supports up to six players with asynchronous and real-time multiplayer, and supports cross-platform multiplayer. Solo play is available with multiple AI difficulties. Players can take part in daily challenges, and leaderboards, and learn how to play with in-game tutorial and rules.

Dominion is available on PC and mobile devices. It’s rated E10+.

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