GOG Summer Sale Includes New Demos and Free Games

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Digital PC storefront GOG may play second-fiddle to Steam, but they still boast an impressive annual summer sale each year.  This year the GOG Summer Sale features over 3000 PC games up to 95% off. You’ll also find several free games and some new demos for upcoming releases.

First, the free games. GOG has made three games in its catalog completely free: Ascendant, an indie platformer from 2014, Delores, a recent mini spin-off of excellent retro adventure game Thimbleweed Park, and War Wind, a sci-fi RTS from the 90s.

The free games have been added to GOG’s free games collection, so you can grab them whenever.

As part of the sale, GOG has also added seven new demos for upcoming games, including Desperados 3.

Available free demos:

  • Desperados 3 – western real-time tactical game from the makers of Shadow Tactics.
  • Destroy All Humans! – remake of the cheeky 1950s sci-fi action game starring a destructive alien.
  • System Shock – remake of the classic sci-fi horror-shooter.
  • Carrion – reverse horror adventure in which you get to play as the amorphous monster.
  • Spiritfarer – relaxing management game about ferrying people to the afterlife.
  • Vagrus – the Riven Realms – strategy-RPG as you manage a caravan through a dark fantasy world.
  • Cris Tales – indie JRPG starring a newly awakened Time Mage.

Find tons of great PC games on sale, including Divinity Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition (50% off), Disco Elysium (25% off), and Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (60% off). GOG also offers publisher bundle deals with Daedalic, 11 bit Studios, EA, Paradox, and more.

The GOG Summer Sale ends June 15.

Get Free Wasteland 2 During GOG Winter Sale

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Tis the season for holiday sales, and few digital stores do seasonal sales better than GOG. Not only can you find over 2500 PC games up to 95% off, but if you’re quick you nab a free copy of RPG Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut.

The sale runs through January 2, 2o20, but the Wasteland 2 giveaway is only available until December 13. To get Wasteland 2, just head over to the website and click the button.

To help navigate the vast library of PC games, GOG has a number of discount bundles. The Paradox Strategy Bundle includes Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Imperator: Rome, and Surviving Mars, all on sale with an additional 25% bundle sale.

The 2019 Indie Gems Bundle is an excellent best-of bundle, highlighting excellent indie games that released this year, like Deliver Us The Moon, Dusk, and Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark. You only need pick five games to get the full 25% additional discount from the bundle.

Other highlighted deals include Diablo (15% off), My Friend Pedro (30% off), Darksiders 3 (66% off), and Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King (65% off).

GOG offers DRM-free games, which means you don’t need to be signed in to any digital store to run them. GOG also has an optional library and store in GOG Galaxy, which was recently given a big 2.0 update, with achievements, stat tracking, and customization, and the ability to import all your games across all platforms and libraries.

Halloween Sales on Steam, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for fans of horror games anyway. Halloween is almost here, and so are a bunch of seasonal sales on digital stores for all the major platforms and storefronts.

We’ve highlighted some of the best deals below. Most sales end on Friday, November 1, so make sure to browse before Trick or Treating. Happy Halloween!

Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is still stumbling out of the gate when it comes to features, and more than reaping its share of criticism as it gobbles up more exclusive PC games. At least they got the seasonal sale part right. Epic is currently the only place to purchase Borderlands 3 on PC, and the Halloween Sale is offering 20% off the Deluxe Edition and 25% off the Super Deluxe Edition.

Other highlights include Control (25% off), Darksiders 3 (66% off), Thimbleweed Park (60% off), For Honor (60% off), and The Walking Dead: The Final Season (30% off).

Sale ends: November 1.


GOG’s Halloween sale features over 300 games up to 90% off, including a mix of older classics and recent releases. Classic PC games include the original Diablo (15% off), Ghost Master (90% off), and 90s adventure game series Call of Cthulhu (50% off), Gabriel Knight (35% off), Tex Murphy (75% off), and Broken Sword (75% off).

More recent releases include Cultist Simulator (33% off), Pathologic 2 (34% off), We Happy Few (50% off), and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (70% off).

Sale ends: November 4.

Nintendo eShop

With Luigi’s Mansion releasing on October 31, Nintendo’s seasonal sale is a bit more subdued this year. If you pre-purchase the game on the eShop before October 30, you can earn double the My Nintendo Gold Points.

The eShop Halloween sale is limited to certain publishers and series. The Amnesia series is 33% off, Outlast games are 70% off, THQ Nordic’s Darksiders series is 33% off, and DrinkBox’s indie games Severed and Guacamelee are 50% off. The biggest deal is Mortal Kombat 11 for 35.99 (40% off). Annoyingly, every single one of these sales has a different end time!

Sale ends: October 31 (MK 11, Amnesia), November 1 (Outlast), November 4 (DrinkBox), November 7 (THQ Nordic).

PlayStation Store

You’ll find the usual assortment of horror and horror-adjacent games on sale during Sony’s Halloween Sale, including even a few PS3 games. Catch up on some excellent action-horror series like BioShock: The Collection (75% off), Batman: Arkham Collection (70% off) and the prolific Resident Evil series (50-60% off).

It’s also a great time to jump on board the Dark Souls bandwagon with Dark Souls Remastered (50% off) and Dark Souls 3 (75% off).

Sale ends: November 1.


Steam remains the gold standard for seasonal sales with promotional events on top of fantastic sale prices. This time instead of Steam hosting its own contests, they’re highlighting in-game seasonal events and DLC across dozens of different games, including horror and non-horror. Examples include a Left 4 Dead crossover with Dying Light, new Stranger Sins DLC for Graveyard Keeper, and a Halloween event in Terraria.

But let’s face it, we’re mostly here for those delicious sales. Horror game highlights include Blair Witch (25% off), Dead by Daylight (50% off), Vampyr (66% off), Prey (50% off), Man of Medan (33% off), and Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones (15% off).

Sale ends: November 1.


Lots of zombies, devils, and mutants can be found in the Xbox Shocktober Sale. Grab State of Decay 2 (50% off), Mortal Kombat 11 (40% off), Resident Evil 2 (50% off), Alien Isolation (60% off), Rage 2 (50% off), and the Prey + Dishonored 2 Bundle (50% 0ff).

The Xbox sale also includes discounts on some select non-horror games such as Anthem (67% off), Kingdom Hearts 3 (40% off), and Fortnite: Save the World – Founders Pack (50% off).

Sale ends: October 31