Publisher Mastiff and indie developer MeNic Games have announced the release date for Tinytopia: August 30th, for Windows PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Microsoft Store), with Mac and Linux support coming post-launch, for $14.99. Check out the new launch trailer above.

Tinytopia is a light-hearted city builder using simple building blocks to construct apartments, homes, and high-rise commercial buildings. A full campaign includes a mix of 17 real-world locations (such as Tokyo, Paris, and San Francisco), along with some original towns for a total of 24 levels.

Players can combine blocks and form various structures and megastructures, discovering over 80 different blueprints. Challenge levels provide physics-based challenges, such as balancing blocks and working within a time limit, while completing a table-size city. And of course it wouldn’t be a proper city builder without some cathartic destruction in the form of fires, tornados, UFOs, and giant monster attacks.

Tinytopia will release on August 30 on PC.

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