For those eagerly awaiting the release of Cities Skylines 2, you may want to check out Highrise City, a city builder and economy simulator, developed by tiny indie team FourExo Entertainment and published by Deck 13 Spotlight.

After two years in Early Access, Highrise City is out now on PC (Steam, GOG) with a 20% launch discount ($23.99).

Compared to other games in the genre, Highrise City delves deeper into economy simulation and resource management. Managing increasingly large and complex production chains is the key to building enormous cities.

The simulator features over 300 building types (and up to 30,000 per city), 60 resources, and up to 40 million inhabitants and 15,000 vehicles in 196 km squared of land space for each map. Maps are based on real city locations, such as New York City and Vancouver, and different difficulty levels help ease in newer players.

The new 1.0 update includes story and research missions, public transportation, hazardous wastes, substations for power, shopping malls, and unlockable mega-skyscrapers.

There’s even a New Game+ mode that can be unlocked after constructing a sprawling space port. New Game+ unlocks alternate building modes.

Highrise City is now available on PC, along with a free demo. Digital mayors are eating good this year, as the highly anticipated Cities Skylines 2 is due to release next month, on October 24.

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