French publisher and developer Goblinz Studio has released their “reverse dungeon crawler” Legend of Keepers on PC, Stadia, and Switch ($19.99).

In Legend of Keepers, you are an employee of the Dungeons Company. Your task is simple: protect the dungeons from invading heroes. Unfortunately all the heroes of the realm have come together to track down your company’s precious treasure. At your disposal are heaps of monsters and traps to place in their way.

The gameplay is described as a mix of roguelite and a dungeon defender. Heroes will move through the dungeon, triggering preplaced traps and monsters. When they bump into monsters, you’ll be able to fight with them in turn-based combat. Progress through company ranks and earn skills, manage your monsters, scout dungeon locations, and enjoy a campaign that’s very aware of fantasy and RPG tropes.

Legend of Keepers has been in Early Access since last year. The 1.0 release adds five mroe monsters, ten events, traps, and champions, a new class of heroes, and two new modes, including an Endless survival mode.

Legend of Keepers is available now on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG), Switch, and Google Stadia.

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