After seven months in Early Access, indie studio Tactical Adventures has fully released Solasta: Crown of the Magister on PC. Version 1.0 is available now on Steam, GOG, Humble, and the Microsoft Store as part of the Game Pass for PC. For the launch week ending June 2 you can enjoy a 20% discount, ($31.99).

Solasta is a tactical RPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules (officially licensed), and taking place within an original fantasy world. You’ll create four party members from five ancestries and six classes to embark on the main campaign, choosing from a variety of skills, proficiencies, and backgrounds.

Combat is turn-based, grid-based, and highly tactical, as each character has a certain amount of movement, as well as actions, bonus actions, spells, weapons, and potions to employ. Use higher terrain to gain advantage on attacks, and light torches to avoid penalties for attacking in darkness.

“As a lifelong tabletop player, I’ve dreamed about creating Solasta for as long as I can remember, to bring my passion for pen and paper games to videogame form,” said Mathieu Girard, founder and creative director, Tactical Adventures. “Tactical Adventures is a small and mighty team, who has met every development milestone timely and accurately. We are all very proud of the finished product and hope players enjoy it as much as we do.”

Solasta also features a dungeon maker for creating your own dungeons using in-game assets, and integration with Steam Workshop to share and upload user-made dungeons.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is available now on PC. It has not been rated by the ESRB.

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