Once a popular series in the squad-based tactical genre (a la XCOM), the Jagged Alliance series has been mostly dormant for the last two decades. Until now.

THQ Nordic and developer Haemimont Games have released Jagged Alliance 3 on PC (Steam, GoG), and the launch trailer is far goofier than I expected.

Jagged Alliance 3 is set in the fictional nation of Grand Chien, which has recently been overtaken by a politically-motivated military company called The Legion. It’s up to you and your quirky squadron of mercs to get in there and cause all kinds of mayhem. For freedom!

The threequel features 40 mercenaries, each with their own set of skills, weapons, and quippy one-liners, with full voice acting. You can also build and customize your own mercenary. Each turn, every merc spends their action points to move, aim, take cover, switch weapons, change stances, patch wounds, or hurl explosives.

The nation of Grand Chien is an open world featuring enemy outposts, patrols, capture points, and convoys. Time of day, weather, and militia all play a factor into how each sector plays out.

Jagged Alliance 3 is available now on PC, and playable on Steam Deck.

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