HoYoverse, best known for Genshin Impact, have released their other anime-inspired gacha mobile game Honkai: Star Rail on PlayStation 5.

Like Genshin Impact, Star Rail is a gorgeous-looking game, even on my tiny phone screen. The PS5 version takes advantage of 4K resolution, volumetric fog, and the PS5’s SSD for faster load times. It also supports cross-save and cross-play across different platforms.

The 1.4 update injects an in-universe video game brand into the world, called Aetherium Wars. The Interastral Tournament Festival, set on Jarlio VI, invites the Trailblazers to collect and raise Aether Spirits as allies, which sounds a lot like Pokémon.

And it wouldn’t be a gacha game update without new characters to salivate over. The new update adds three new female characters. Jingliu is an ice-powered sword user with the Destruction Path (5-stars). Topaz & Numby are a fighting duo of a girl and her coin-spewing pet. They use the fire type and The Hunt Path (5-star).

The only 4-star addition is Guinaifen, an explosive fire-user with the Nihility Path.

Honkai: Star Rail is a strategy-RPG with a sci-fi theme. Unlike Genshin, it uses a more traditional turn-based combat mechanic with smaller zones to explore.

It’s available on PC (direct download), mobile devices (iOS, Android) and now, PlayStation 5. It’s rated T for Teen.

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