Watch trailers on the biggest of screens with Summer Game Fest in IMAX

IMAX Corporation announced a partnership with Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards (both produced by Geoff Keighley) to bring live gaming showcases to IMAX theatres in the US, Canada,...Read More

Explore music in Roblox with Spotify Island

Music-streaming service Spotify has partnered with popular virtual metaverse, Roblox, to launch Spotify Island. With Spotify Island, Spotify becomes the first music-streaming brand to host a corner of the Roblox...Read More

Celebrate Star Wars Day with two new DLC packs for LEGO Star Wars

May 4th is Star Wars Day. Why not celebrate with DLC for one of the best Star Wars games released in the last few years? Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker...Read More

Rogue Legacy 2 officially launches after 2 years in Early Access

Rogue-lite sequel Rogue Legacy 2 has left Early Access and launched as version 1.0 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S ($24.99). It’s currently on sale with a 20%...Read More

Lost Ark Early Impressions: Slow Start, Boring Story, Fun and Flashy Combat

Lost Ark stands out from the usual stable of Korean MMORPGs by emulating the click-happy hack and slash gameplay of Diablo and other action-RPGs. Originally out in 2019 in Korea,...Read More

Kick, swipe, hit, and more in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available  on — you guessed it, Nintendo Switch. The digital version is $39.99, while the physical version includes a Leg Strap accessory, for $49.99. Like...Read More

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a free-to-play life sim set in the Disneyverse

Animal Crossing by way of animated Disney worlds and characters sounds like a winning formula. That’s what Disney and Gameloft are banking on with the announcement of Disney Dreamlight Valley,...Read More

Free-to-play mobile RPG Echoes of Mana out now

Square Enix has released Echoes of Mana as a free-to-play RPG on iOS and Android mobile devices. Fans looking for the next big RPG in the series need to temper...Read More

Explore and conquer with Galactic Civilizations 4, out now

Stardock has released Galactic Civilizations 4, the latest entry in their long-running 4X sci-fi series, on PC ($49.99, Epic Games Store). Galactic Civilizations 4 features multi-sector maps, broad-ranging policies, and...Read More

Free demo now available for Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Remastered

If you aren’t sure you want to see an excitable rabbit and a canine detective solve criminal conspiracies, perhaps a free demo will help? Skunkape Games has released a free...Read More

New Tales from the Borderlands sequel coming later this year

The official Borderlands Twitter account announced that a new Tales from the Borderlands game is coming in 2022. This new sequel will be developed directly by Gearbox. A more detailed...Read More

Study witchcraft and wizardry in Two Point Campus

Two Point Studios revealed one of the more exotic subjects your students can study in upcoming sim game Two Point Campus. Students will soon be able to take Wizardry classes...Read More

Diablo Immortal emerges June 2 on PC and mobile

Blizzard Entertainment announced the release date for mobile spin-off Diablo Immortal. It’s launching June 2 on iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s also getting a surprise release on Windows PC...Read More

D&D Direct reveals Spelljammer and Dragonlance campaign settings

The first ever D&D Direct aired this week, revealing big new announcements for Dungeons & Dragons releases this year, including two classic campaign settings updated for Fifth Edition: Spelljammer and...Read More