Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo have released Wild Hearts, a Monster Hunter-like action game, on PC (Epic Games Store, Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox X/S ($69.99).

Watch the new story trailer above.

Wild Hearts is set in the world of Azuma, a fantastical version of medieval Japan. Rampaging giant monsters infused with nature are threatening the land, and only heroic warriors can stop them.

Players can wield the ancient Karakuri technology to aid them in battle. The Karakuri can be constructed in different ways during a fight, from constructing siege engines and towers to massive flying Dragon Karakuri.

The full game can be played solo, or up to three friends can hunt together. Cross-play between systems is supported in multiplayer.

As with Monster Hunter and Dauntless, EA and Koei Tecmo plan on constant post-launch support and updates. The first update will arrive in March, adding new quests, armor, weapons, and monsters.

“With Wild Hearts, our mindset has always been to create a hunting game that offers a new and innovative experience for players in a beautiful and fantastical setting,” said Yosuke Hayashi, Executive Vice President, Koei Tecmo. “The freedom and flexibility of the unique Karakuri system, combined with the fearsome, nature-infused Kemono, as well the ability to team up and hunt with friends online in co-op, creates for a vastly new combat experience – one that urges players to be creative and in control. We’re really looking forward to seeing how players explore all the possibilities.”

Wild Hearts is rated T for Teen.

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