Civilization 6 turned six years old this year, and it’s still going strong. Publisher 2K announced a new season pass that adds 18 new leaders. The Leader Pass will release as six DLC packs in staggered waves between November and March 2023.

Of the 18 leaders, 12 are brand new, while six provide new takes on existing leaders.

Leaders aren’t nearly exciting as new civilizations, but I’m impressed they’re still finding ways to add new content to Civ 6!

Here are the six DLC packs included in the Leader Pass. Note that some of them require previously released DLC packs and expansions:

  • Great Negotiators Pack (Pack #1): Includes Abraham Lincoln (United States), Queen Nzinga Mbande (Kongo), and Sultan Saladin (Arabia). Releases November 21.
  • Great Commanders Pack (Pack #2): Includes Tokugawa (Japan), Nader Shah (Persia), and Suleiman the Magnificent (Ottoman Empire). Note that the Persia leader requires the Persia & Macedon scenario pack, while the Ottomans were added in the Gathering Storm expansion.
  • Rulers of China Pack (Pack #3): Includes three new Chinese leaders in Yongle, Qin Shi Huang the Unifier, and Wu Zetian.
  • Rulers of the Sahara Pack (Pack #4): Includes Ramses (Egypt), Ptolemaic Cleopatra (Egypt), King Sundiata Keita (Mali). Mali is available in the Gathering Storm expansion.
  • Great Builders Pack (Pack #5): Includes Theodora (Byzantines), Sejong (Korea), and Ludwig II (Germany). Byzantines require the Byzantium & Gaul pack; Korea requires the Rise & Fall expansion.
  • Ruler of England Pack (Pack #6): Includes Elizabeth I (England), Varangian Harald Hardrada (Norway), and Victoria – Age of Steam (England).

Players who own the Anthology edition will receive the entire Leader Pass for free — nice! The Anthology Edition includes every piece of DLC, scenario packs, and expansion packs released over the years. And it’s automatically discounted if you already own some of the content.

The Leader Pass is otherwise available via PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), Mac, and iOS.

Civilization 6 is rated E10+.

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