Monster Hunter Rise‘s Free Title Update 3 will be available on November 24, exclusively for the Sunbreak expansion. The update adds three new monsters (one returning monster and two variants), increases the level cap for investigations, and expands the follower system.

The three new monsters are Chaotic Gore Magala, Risen Teostra, and Risen Kushala Daora.

Chaotic gore Magala is a mutant dragon that lies somewhere between Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala, possessing the abilities of both creatures. Hunters must be at least MR10 to battle it.

For much higher-level monsters, look no further than Risen Teostra and Kushala Daora. The Risen status grants more ferocity and speed, requiring hunters to be at least MR120 and MR140 respectively.

The level cap of Anomaly Investigations will rise to 200, and weekly event quests will feature unique rewards to unlock.

Followers were introduced in the Sunbreak expansion. With the update, followers can now join hunters on almost every Master Rank quests, including high-ranking Anomaly Quests and Investigations.

The update also adds new paid DLC options, which have always been purely cosmetic for Monster Hunter. Paid DLC includes the Stuffed Monster Series of weapons.

More free updates are forthcoming next year. Title update 4 will add a new elder dragon in winter, while Update 5 will arrive next spring.

Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion are available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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