One of our favorite board games, and favorite digital adaptations of board games, is expanding on more platforms. Developer Monster Couch has announced that Wingspan will release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S via the Microsoft Store on June 18 ($19.99), and iOS mobile devices on July 20 ($9.99).

Wingspan is an award-winning card game about bird-collecting, for one to five players. Each player has their own aviary board where they play bird cards into one of three areas: forest, grassland, and wetlands. Each bird has unique abilities once played, and each area unlocks more powerful actions as more birds are played into them, such as collecting food and laying eggs.

Players score points based on public and secret objectives, bird cards and abilities, and eggs laid. The card game features 170 unique bird cards, based on real world birds. The digital version includes a voice over for fun flavor text full of bird facts, and animated birds and sound effects.

Also launching on June 18 is the Swift Start promo expansion. Swift Start adds 10 new bird cards and four guides to help new players, and will be available as a free update to all Wingspan players across every platform.

In addition to Xbox and iOS, Wingspan is also available on PC (Steam, GOG) and Nintendo Switch. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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