Nintendo and developer ToyBox have brought the animated kids cartoon DC Super Hero Girls to the Nintendo Switch. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is available now on the Nintendo eShop and retail stores, for $59.99.

Teen Power is a single player action-brawler. The young superheroes work to defeat the many threats and bad guys that plague Metropolis.

Play as six different characters, though oddly only four of them from the original hero squad: Batgirl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman, along with villains Catwoman and Star Sapphire. Each character has their own super abilities and attacks, like Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth and Supergirl’s frost-breath.

Other heroes from the show, like Bumblee and Zatanna, appear as non-player characters in the story.

When not on missions, you’re free to explore Metropolis, picking up side quests and collecting different costumes for each character. By donating money from completing missions, you can help rebuild a destroyed part of the city, opening up new buildings and shops.

DC Super Hero Girls began as a series of YouTube clips and direct to video shorts before becoming a full animated series on Cartoon Network. Season 2 of DC Super Hero Girls debuted on Sunday, June 6 on Cartoon Network.

Teen Power is available now on Switch. It’s rated E10+ for Cartoon Violence.

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