Pokémon Home, the digital storage and trade app for modern Pokémon games, now finally supports Pokémon GO. Trainers will be able to store and trade pokémon caught via the AR mobile game into Home, where supported pokémon could then be imported into games like Pokémon Sword and Shield.

To transfer pokémon, you’ll need to use a new feature in Pokémon GO called the GO Transporter. The GO Transporter has limited energy that’s spent with every transfer, limiting the amount of times you can transfer at one time. Energy gradually replenishes, though you can also pay to restore energy via PokéCoins. The rarer the pokémon, the more energy is required.

To celebrate, trainers who transfer the first pokémon from GO to Home can earn the Mythical steel-type pokémon Melmetal, which supports Gigantamax in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Melmetal will be delivered as a Mystery Gift via the mobile version of Pokémon Home. Trainers can then use the Switch version of the app to transfer Melmetal to Sword and Shield.

Trainers will also receive a Mystery Box in Pokémon GO, causing Meltan to appear on the map, ready to be caught. Meltan can be evolved into Melmetal with 400 Meltan candy.

Pokémon Home is a free app for the Switch and mobile devices (iOS, Android), with an optional paid subscription that unlocks additional features and storage space.

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