In a surprise announcement, Chuckldefish and one-man developer Concerned Ape revealed a mobile port for Stardew Valley. Even more surprising – the iOS version is coming in two weeks! Stardew Valley will launch on the iOS store on October 24 ($7.99). Pre-orders are available today.

An Android version is still being worked on. Exact details on a launch date are coming soon.

The mobile version of Stardew Valley is being developed by The Secret Police, a mobile developer based in the UK. They’ve been working on the mobile port for about a year.

The mobile port represents the full version found in the PC and console game, including the 1.3 patch. It does not support multiplayer, however. The interface and menus have been rebuilt for touch-screen controls but otherwise retains the same gameplay and features that continue to make Stardew Valley one of the best sim games in years.

As an added bonus, PC players will be able to transfer their save games to iOS via iTunes. Mods are not supported, and save data containing mods may cause problems.

Stardew Valley will be playable on both iPhone and iPad and require iOS 10.0.

The developer assures fans that the mobile ports will not impact the PC and console updates. Namely, adding multiplayer to the console versions (it was added to PC earlier this year). As previously announced, multiplayer will first arrive on Switch (currently in internal testing) then on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Stardew Valley on iOS is rated 12+. It’s launching October 24.

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