Planet Coaster is turning two next month but Frontier Developments is still churning out free updates and paid DLC. The World’s Fair Pack will add 10 international themes with over 300 building items, as well as several new rides. It’s launching October 16 for $10.99.

The World’s Fair Pack is inspired from real world parks like Epcot that feature a cultural tour around the world. The 10 international themes are: USA, China, France, Morocco, Italy, Japan, UK, Mexico, and Spain. Each theme includes shops, restaurants, paths, signs, and hundreds of items to custom build your own buildings and decorations.

The DLC also adds two new rides. The first is a monorail-like transport coaster called Polarity. The other is actually a two-in-one. Dueling launched motorcycle coasters named Jixxer and Interceptor. Riders can lean into corners as the ride simulates a high-speed motorcycle chase.

The World’s Fair Pack is launching alongside the next free update, the 1.8 patch. This free update adds new restaurant options, including choosing the menu and capacity. Guests who visit restaurants can receive a boost to their happiness, food, and drink ratings. New vending machines (which were introduced in the 1.7 patch) are also being added. Other improvements include being able to set coasters to lapping around the station, and customizing the colors of staff and ride operators. See the full list of new features here.

The World’s Fair Pack is launching October 16. Planet Coaster is available on PC (Steam). It’s rated E for Everyone.

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