Disney has decided not to release a new full version of Disney Infinity this year. Instead, the company plans to release four new character packs that will expand the content for last year’s Disney Infinity 3.0. 

Taking an obvious cue from Nintendo, Disney shared the news as part of the first episode of Disney Infinity Next, which will serve as direct way to talk about future releases with fans. Disney said in that episode that the four new packs will feature characters from Zootopia, the Marvel universe, the Jungle Book, and Star Wars.

The Zootopia and Jungle Book’s expansions will feature just a couple of characters. The new Marvel play set will feature characters from multiple Marvel properties, including the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, and some lesser-known characters like Ant Man and Vision. Another big difference between this play set and the previous Marvel set is the introduction of brawler-style gameplay, which is inspired by the story of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film. Some villains from Marvel properties will be playable as well.

No specific details on the new Star Wars pack were given. John Blackburn, general manager and senior vice president of Disney Infinity, said in the video that in the future we would hear about our “favorite fish” and take a peek “through the looking glass.” Because of this, it’s likely we’ll see future character packs from Finding Nemo and Alice in Wonderland.

Disney Infinity, like Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions, is a game in the toys-to-life genre. These franchises have been a huge seller, but that seems to be waning in popularity. Now we know that Skylanders is the only one of the franchises that will be releasing a full new game this year. This will mean they’ll be standing alone, but gamers and parents might see the cost of an entire new Skylanders game to be a poor investment when both Disney Infinity and LEGO Dimensions already have and will have much more content that will work with last year’s games.


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