Hi Pixelkiners! Welcome to our family gaming show. This year’s North American League of Legends Championships will be held in Madison Square Garden on August 22nd and 23rd! Tickets aren’t available yet but we should learn more about that soon, so keep your ears open. Meanwhile, the CEO of Unikrn has said that he’ll sponsor any League team that has a female player. There aren’t a lot of female pro gamers, and big surprise, not having role models in that space is a deterrent for women who might want to play. So thank you, Mr. Sood. Read more about that at Pixelkin.org.

Disney has moooooooore smart toys on the way! Called “Playmation,” these are plastic wearables combined with smart toys that let kids roleplay fighting alongside their favorite Disney characters. The first set is going to be Iron Man-themed, and it costs… wait for it…$120. Ouch. We talk about Playmation this week on Gaming with the Moms and whether parents will actually shell out the cash for more smart toys, so check out episode 8 to hear our take on that.

Splatoon came out last week! The ridiculously fun paint-splatting game for the Wii U is basically getting gold stars from everyone?? Find out why we love it in Courtney’s review.

LEGO is making its own sandbox game—or sand blocks game, I guess. HA. Anyway, LEGO Worlds lets you build whatever you want out of, you guessed it, virtual LEGOs. It’s in early access right now. If the multiplayer aspect of Minecraft is something you’re worried about, you might want to check this out. So far it’s single-player only. It also makes it easier to make big changes to your world—you can drop in prefabricated structures or use landscaping tools to make mountain ranges. That’s a nice touch that sets it apart from just being a Minecraft clone. Good for LEGO.

Summer!!!! Is here! Check out Megan Peters’ summer gaming advice for parents so you can keep your sanity and still have a good time. Thanks for watching and if you haven’t subscribed this channel yet, why are you doing this to yourself? Love yourself, click subscribe, and keep up with our family gaming show every week. Bye now!

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