Super Girl Gamer Pro Is an All-Women, Multi-Game eSports Series

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Women make up about half of all gaming fans and players, yet very few appear in professional esports tournaments. Super Girl Gamer Pro, which began in 2017, aims to provide a safe and encouraging environment for women esports players, and empower women to play a larger role in a traditionally male-dominated space.

Super Girl Gamer Pro is returning in 2020 for its fourth year. Due to the global pandemic, the tournament and qualifying matches will be held entirely online, beginning July 10 and running for nine weeks. The championship will be held October 3-4 at the Super Girl Pro Festival in San Diego, CA, though I wouldn’t hold my breath about any physical gatherings happening this year.

Open tournaments will be held for League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Players will earn points each week for the final championship, which includes cash prizes and products. Registration is free.

“As part of our mission to provide opportunities for women in male-dominated industries, we are excited to expand the Super Girl Gamer Pro to include an online qualifying series,” said Rick Bratman, CEO of ASA Entertainment and producer of the Super Girl Series. “This is an exceptionally important initiative given the lack of opportunity and general toxicity towards women in gaming. The Super Girl Gamer Pro’s empowerment platform is the perfect vehicle to help propel this movement towards equality and inclusion.”

The Super Girl Gamer Pro 2020 series begins July 10. Fans can watch the entire series via the official twitch channel.

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