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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (E for Everyone) came out for the Nintendo Wii U on November 20. It’s very straightforward in a lot of ways (especially if you’ve played a Mario Tennis game before). One to four players can go head to head in singles or doubles matches against each other or against computer-controlled characters. The rules are more or less the same as the rules of tennis: hit a ball back and forth, keep it inside the lines, and don’t let it bounce more than once. Read More

yo-kai watch

Yo-Kai Watch Review: Competing with Pokémon

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A worthy contender has finally entered Pokémon’s monster-collecting genre. Yo-Kai Watch has exploded in Japan in the last few years, and American audiences finally get a taste of the action with the first game for Nintendo 3DS.

A likable, relatable story and modern setting combine well with the ghost-hunting and monster-battling formula to create not only one of the most impressive 3DS games I’ve played, but also one of my favorite games of the year. Read More