Disney Speedstorm continues to add new seasonal content and new racers throughout Early Access. While the kart racer’s full launch isn’t until September, Season 3 is launching August 1, bringing the world of cult classic Disney film Lilo & Stich onto the racetrack.

In total, Season 3 adds five new racers (Stitch, Lilo, Jumba, Captain Gantu, and Angel), a new racetrack, new Season Tour, and several new customization options and crew members.

Season 3 will also, finally, round out the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse crew with the addition of two bonus racers: Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

The new season will also roll out some new improvements and updates.

The Starter Circuit will be overhauled from six chapters down to three. Private Tracks will allow players to race as any racer, even if they’re not yet unlocked. And Single player and Multiplayer modes will be divided into separate menus, to make it more clear which is which.

Single player includes Starter Circuit, Season Tour, and Limited Time Events. Multiplayer is where you can find local freeplay, as well as Ranked and Regulated Multiplayer. Private Tracks are also available in Multiplayer.

Disney Speedstorm is currently available via paid Early Access, and on sale on PlayStation and Xbox stores through August 3. It’s due to launch as a free-to-play title on September 28. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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