Wreck-it Ralph’s Vanellope is the newest Disney character to arrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Vanellope is a unique addition to the Valley, as her constant glitching causes her to see other player’s valleys — which leads to DreamSnaps.

Once Vanellope has been unlocked, players will also unlock DreamSnaps. DreamSnaps is a competitive mode where players are challenged each week. DreamSnaps Challenges include designing certain clothing items or decorating houses with different themes, then submitting the finished product as an image.

Players can then vote on their favorite summitted images, to earn additional rewards. New challenges will appear every Wednesday at 1pm UTC.

By completing DreamSnaps challenges, players can earn Pixie Dust, which will unlock new exclusive rewards on the DreamSnaps track. The DreamSnaps track includes clothing and furniture, as well as Moonstones, which are used to progress in the regular Star Paths.

The DreamSnaps and Vanellope update also includes some quality of life improvements and fixes, including seeing fewer duplicates in Scrooge’s store. See the full patch notes here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will eventually be free-to-play, but is currently available via paid Early Access on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Mac), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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