If you ever wanted to clean a certain pineapple under the sea, your time has come. The inexplicably popular first-person-washer PowerWash Simulator is getting officially licensed DLC from Paramount — SpongeBob SquarePants!

The SpongeBob Square Pants Special Pack ($7.99) is a robust expansion, featuring a mini-campaign that spans six new locations across the underwater city of Bikini Bottom:

●          Conch Street
●          The Bikini Bottom Bus
●          The Krusty Krab
●          The Patty Wagon
●          The Invisible Boatmobile
●          The Mermalair

With the awesome power of pressurized water, you can clean slime and muck off of iconic buildings such as Krusty Krab, Chum Bucket, and the homes on Conch Street.

The DLC also includes a fishy new player model, and 10 new achievements.

As someone who owns and frequently cleans several fish tanks, I’m finally understanding the satisfying appeal of cleaning grime.

Square Enix has previously injected other IP into PowerWash Simulator, in the form of a free Tomb Raider Content Pack. SpongeBob represents the first paid DLC pack, and perhaps a sign of future licensed DLC packs to come.

PowerWash Simulator is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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