Wargroove: Double Trouble Free DLC Marches onto PlayStation 4

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Wargroove’s first big DLC expansion, Double Trouble, released earlier this year on every platform except PlayStation 4. After some delay, the PlayStation 4 version of the free DLC will finally rally onto the battlefield on August 4th. It will be free to download on the PlayStation Store.

Double Trouble features an all new 15+ hour campaign that can be played entirely in co-op, including local and online. The campaign revolves around the new faction, the plundering outlaws, who feature three unique new commanders each with their own groove powers.

The DLC also includes 15 new Arcade missions as well as competitive online Quick Play and multiplayer lobbies for public and private matches. A volcanic map theme has been added for even hotter matches, and the map editor has received some welcoming updates. The DLC also includes balance adjustments and two new units, thieves and riflemen.

The primary reason for the platform delay was a desire for cross-platform play between all Wargroove players. Cross-play is supported on every platform of Wargroove, and the addition of multiplayer lobbies should improve the online experience.

“We’re very happy to finally complete our vision of one big happy Wargroove community as PS4 Wargroove players can now play with those on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC! From the very beginning, we knew that the multiplayer aspect of Wargroove was a huge part of the experience, and that it made the game very suitable for cross-play amongst all platforms,” said Rodrigo Braz Monteiro, Chucklefish CTO and lead programmer. “Our thanks to the Blitworks team who has been working on bringing the DLC to PS4. Thanks for your patience, and hope you’ll have fun!”

Wargroove is also available on PC (Steam), Switch, and Xbox One. It’s rated E10+.

Create Your Own Superhero in Sentinels of Freedom, Now on Switch

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Underbite Games has announced that superhero-themed turn-based tactical strategy game Sentinels of Freedom is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Switch, for $24.99.

Players can create their own custom superhero, including backstory, personality, powers, and costume across five different archetypes, including brawler and summoner. You’ll form a team with other heroes in turn-based tactical combat.

The lengthy single player campaign is based on the Sentinel Comics, as a bank heist evolves into a deeper plot. Missions are broken up into multiple encounters with different objectives and enemies, including choosing where to go next.

“Sentinels of Freedom is the perfect blend of superhero comics and tactics games,” said Cory Heald, founder of Underbite Games. “It’s got a gripping story and colorful characters, but it also lets you control the carnage as these superpowered heroes and villains face off in increasingly epic fisticuffs!”

Sentinels of Freedom is also available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence.