Paradox Interactive and developer Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun, Battletech) have released The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World on PC (Steam, Epic, Microsoft) and Xbox Series X/S ($49.99), including Xbox Game Pass.

The Lamplighters League is an original adventure that takes place during an alternate 1930s of leather gloves and tommy guns.

Players build their team from a roster of special agents, each with special powers and abilities, as they work against the dastardly schemes of The Banished Court.

Up to four agents can go on a mission, securing objectives and defeating enemies in turn-based tactical combat.

Between missions, agents can be sent to gain Intel, unlock new allies, and discover new missions and information.

“The Lamplighters League is a special game for Harebrained Schemes,” said Chris Rogers, Game Director, Harebrained Schemes. “Thanks to the talents of a great team, we’re bringing an original game world to life. Adventuring in our alternate 1930s feels comfortable, accessible, and fresh, and we’ve done our best to use the lessons we learned creating the Shadowrun trilogy and Battletech to bring you a fun, engaging, and rewarding tactical experience. Each of the scoundrels in The Lamplighters League has a unique approach to combat, and players will get hours and hours of fun replaying the game using them in different combinations.”

The Lamplighters League is rated T for Teen.

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