Civ 7 is real, and we have a release date! Well, a release year, anyway. During the Summer Game Fest showcase, Firaxis Games announced Sid Meier’s Civilization 7 will release in 2025 on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

The announcement came with a cinematic intro, a common part of every Civ, but doesn’t show any actual gameplay. More details about Civ 7 will be revealed in August.

The Summer Game Fest video (below) also includes a cute message from Sid Meier, now 70, and one of the rare elder statesman of the gaming industry. Meier has been creating video games since the 1980s. He has received several Lifetime Achievement awards, and been inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame.

“For more than 30 years, players from around the world have shared their love and support for Civ,” stated Meier, Founder and Director of Creative Development, Firaxis Games. “I’m incredibly excited for Civ fans to see Civilization 7, a game that represents the culmination of three decades of strategy innovation and refinement.”

In Civilization, players choose a real-world culture from human history. The empire expands from pre-history through the near-future via conquest, diplomacy, trade, exploration, and research.

The turn-based strategy series has remained consistent in gameplay and themes for decades, but recent entries have redesigned core concepts. Civ 5 eliminated “doom-stacking” by making every army unit take up its own square, while Civ 6 greatly expanded city development with district’s and tile placement.

The series is also known for its longevity and post-game support through patches, expansion packs, and other DLC.

Look for more Civ 7 news this August!

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